In August 2016, the FAA updated the regulations on the use of small, unmanned aircraft systems, otherwise known as drones.  Because of the new laws in place, it has become much easier for professionals to use the emerging technology to aid their businesses.  This includes the roofing industry, and if your contractor isn’t implementing drones as part of their process, here are a few reasons they should be.



Thorough inspections are what allow us to know exactly what you and your home need.  Drones allow us to get to, and inspect, those tougher places that we otherwise can’t. Drones offer high quality photos, videos, and even thermal imaging that can easily be reviewed with the homeowner, to expose existing problems, and determine the best solutions.


Tall, 2 story homes, or homes with especially steep slopes, can pose unnecessary risks for contractors to physically get “boots-on-roof”. Climbing ladders, dealing with different weather conditions, and different types of roofing material all factor in to the thousands of injuries in the roofing industry every year.  Using drone technology to get the information we need, while keeping our feet on the ground eliminates risk and increases safety for everyone involved.


Using a drone to take photos and measurements allows us to offer quick, accurate estimates.  This can save time and money for both the homeowner and contractor.


No more guessing based on rudimentary measurements and inaccurate information. Drone technology allows us to get a clear picture of the project, including number of facets, linear feet of hip and ridge lines, linear feet of drip edge, and more.  With quick and easy measurements on site, we can offer the homeowner the most accurate quote with no unforeseen expenses showing up later.


Technology is everywhere, and the roofing industry is no exception.  Drones open up countless opportunities for contractors and roofers alike.  Eliminating risk and increasing safety, while creating a smoother experience for homeowners are just a few of the many reasons drones are being utilized across the industry.