Facts About Leaking Roofs

  • Rain Rarely Falls Straight Down
    • It is common for people to imagine rain as falling straight down onto their home, but the reality is this type of weather is often accompanied with strong winds.  These winds can force water into areas that may not be protected against such conditions.  Regular inspections and preventative maintenance can ensure you are having issues in these commonly overlooked weak spots
  • The Leak May Not Be Where The Water Is Coming In
    • If you are seeing visible sign of water inside your home, the leak may not be directly over what you can see.  Water can be very sneaky, leaking in one spot, only to travel down a truss or other structure, and show itself in a different area.   If you see a leak, it may be best to have it professionally inspected to be sure to find the true area of concern.


  • Winter Can Conceal Your Future Problems
    • Winter conditions can not only damage your roof, but it can conceal the damage it has created.  Damage to your roof can be covered in snow and ice all winter, and not reveal itself until that water begins to melt.  Once spring comes, the ice and snow melts, creating large amounts of water that can cause much more damage than otherwise expected.
  • Maintain to Prevent Replacing
    • Maintaining your roof is not something most people think about, but regular maintenance can go a long way in correcting small problems and preventing a full replacement.  Regular roof and attic inspections, coupled with small corrective actions will certainly save you money in the long run.


If you see leaking in your home, or suspect a leak in your roof, don’t wait for the worst to happen.  Get our in front of the problem and contact us today at Great Lakes Building Concepts to get your FREE professional inspection.