Atlas StormMaster shingles are now made with its exclusive Core4 technology.  Adding benefits from 4 separate categories, Poly Core, Flex Core, Weather Core, and Thermal Core properties combine to produce a shingle capable of standing up to West Michigan’s most extreme weather conditions.


West Michigan provides us a full 4 seasons, which while beautiful, can be harsh on our roofs.  Using enhanced virgin polymers, StormMaster shingles are engineered from the core to last longer, and perform better than other leading shingles on the market.  Shingles using recycled polymers result in a weakened product which will hinder the performance of your roof.  Be sure you are getting enhanced virgin polymers with Poly Core technology in your shingles to protect your home and extend the life of your roof.


Cracking and tearing is a common problem with traditional asphalt shingles.  Flex Core technology allows for the shingle to bend, not break, giving your shingle an advantage in two distinct areas: Better tear strength, and flatter installation.  A more pliable shingles will lay flatter, and therefor seal more effectively.  The unique properties of this shingle also allow it to exceed the industry’s standard tear strength requirement by 50%, so while other roofs tear and break down, your roof will maintain its looks, and protect your home long into the future.


Weather Core technology offers the best wind warranty on the market, 150mph.  Its exclusive FASTAC double sealant line ensures a tight seal on installation, so you don’t have to worry about shingles blowing off your home.  They also perform 50% better on fastener pull-through test, requiring 4 nails instead of 6, saving you time and money on installation.  Finally, with an industry leading Class 4 Impact Rating protecting you from hail and debris, you can rest assured your shingle will stand up to the toughest weather conditions West Michigan has to offer.


While cold rain on a hot summer day can be refreshing, it will also quickly reduce the temperature of your roof.  This rapid expansion and contraction is refereed to as thermal shock, and can be very damaging to your shingles, causing granular loss, cracking, and premature aging of the roof.  Thermal Core technology mitigates this thermal shock, allowing for improved granular adhesion and superior protection for your home.


When putting a new roof on your home, not just any shingle will do.  Core4 Technology offers superior protection for your home in both performance and longevity.  Ask your roofing professional about Core4 to learn more about how these innovative properties can best protect you and your home.